please note that the following information is no longer up to date.


The festival site is located just over 50 km from Halle (Saale) Hbf.

We recommend arriving by public transport:

By train to Halle (Saale)

Approx. 1 hour 10 minutes from Berlin Hbf

Approx. 39 minutes from Leipzig Hbf (with the S3)

We are pleased to be able to offer you a shuttle service from Halle (Saale) Hbf to the festival site. If you purchase a shuttle ticket in advance, you can redeem it for the journey – or you can buy it directly on site.

By bicycle:

For all the bike fans among you, there is also the option of reaching the site via a beautiful bike path. The route is about 45km long from Halle.

By car:

Please consider that traveling by bus or train is more environmentally friendly. If you are arriving by car, please form a car pool.

Those arriving by car or camper need to register for the vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle cannot enter the campsite without this. *

About 2 hours 30 minutes from Berlin

About 1 hour 7 minutes from Leipzig

About 45 minutes from Halle

Alternatively, there is also the possibility of taking a taxi: The local taxi companies know about our event and drive between the Halle train station and the festival site every day. The distance is about 51km.


The festival takes place at ground level, there are no steps in front of the hangars. The floors are connected with paved paths. There is a drive-in Dixie toilet on the runway near the food area. Those who have the B in their severely disabled ID card do not pay admission for the accompanying person.

We wish all synthesis guests to actively support our guests with handicaps, if they express a clear desire for help. Please know that help should also be always consensual, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they would like a beer bought for them. 

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us: info@synthesis.de


Please take care of your wristband, like your cash. We cannot provide a replacement if you lose your wristband. Transferring to other guests is not permitted. We will also be checking our wristbands on the floors, so please don’t try to guide anyone in to the festival without a ticket.


The campsite opens at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday and closes at 12:00 p.m. sharp on Monday. Camping is included in the ticket price.

There are water points with drinking water on the campsite. However, due to the infrastructure, the water points are in a central location. We therefore recommend that you take water canisters with you. So you are always well supplied with water – even if your campsite is not directly at the water points. There are water points at various locations on the festival site.

Not allowed in the camp area:

sound systems

Power generators / aggregates



illegal substances that fall under BtmG and/or the AMG


sky lanterns

open (camp) fires

laser pointer

liquid grill lighters

all objects that fall under paragraph § 42 a WaffG, in particular one-hand knives and fixed knives with a blade length of >12cm

Glass bottles are not cool! This also applies to beer crates, drinks in glass bottles and glass containers and crown caps. Those who like to walk barefoot can sing a little song about it. If possible, please bring your drinks in TetraPak, PET, cans or thermos flasks and please take care of nature. 


The sale and consumption of illegal drugs is not allowed! Dealers will be immediately expelled from the premises and reported.


The minimum age at the Synthesis Festival is 18 years, no exception. Admission only with ID or passport.

The festival grounds opens at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday and the festival program starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at Sunday at 6:00 p.m


Noone is allowed to enter the activa airfield! We will fence this area and also provide stewards to check that no one enters this field. Any penalties for unlawful entry will be directly forwarded to the responsible person.


We are on the Synthesis in the year 2237 where power sources are very rare. Please leave your mobile phones at the tent or in your bag. We will have photographers with analogue cameras at the event who will capture the hustle and bustle. If you find yourself in a photo and don’t want it, just let us know as soon as possible. But also note for yourself: smartphones and cameras should protect the personal rights of the individual! Please respect the personal rights of each individual and, above all, do not take photos or videos of people who are not doing well. That’s not funny!


We very much hope that we will get together on a weekend with the most beautiful weather. Should a storm break over us, however, in extreme cases we are well protected in the hangars and bunkers on site. In the case of a storm, please leave the stages and bars immediately and either go to your tents and camps, or in the best case to your car. Avoid trees and pay attention to the instructions of the stewards and security.


Each Synthesis resident is liable for the damage caused by them. If the festival wristband is lost, there will be no replacement. We are not liable for damage that occurs during performances. As an organizer, our liability for our own and third-party actions is generally limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. This does not affect the organizer’s liability for initial impossibility and the breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), as well as liability for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which is due to a negligent breach of duty by the organizer, a legal representative or vicarious agents are based.


Animals are not allowed on the lands of Synthesis. Leave your loved ones at home. This is not only for us, but also to keep your dear ones safe.


We will install an information stand at the central square where you can find out about what is happening.


Synthesis is 18+! There is no child care.


Leave your confetti at home for the sake of the environment. Biodegradable confetti is also annoying in drinks as well as in and on the technology.


Allstedt airfield is a German special landing field near Allstedt. It is approved for aircraft up to 5700 kg. Allstedt Airport is located in the Mansfeld-Südharz district in Saxony-Anhalt, around 95 kilometers west of Leipzig. There are more than 60 hangars at the airport. In and on some of them the synthesis takes place. The airfield is active on weekends and the runway is not accessible. The deserted part where the festival takes place is 3 km long and offers both forests and large open spaces where we can let off steam.


did you lose something, then send us an email to:



We want to create a new form of togetherness. This also means that we want to reduce our waste to a minimum. We know that this is not easy and therefore we have come up with a special food concept for you. You can find this here. In addition, we ask you to bring items that are unpackaged only. As we strive to produce as little waste as possible, we ask that you bring your own cutlery, bowls, cups and water bottles.


Open fires in the camping area are not allowed! We will provide you with special places where open fires are allowed in fireplaces.


The Synthesis acts fully in accordance with the current corona rules of the federal state and the federal government.


There is no room for discrimination or exclusion at Synthesis. Any form of racism, sexism and other forms of social or physical discretization and other exclusionary statements will be punished with direct expulsion. If you notice someone, please contact our stewards, security, first aid, or the awareness team.


In general, please respect the orders of the staff, the security forces, fire guard in the forest, first aid and the awareness team. Unfortunately, we have to expel anyone who, after warnings, attracts negative attention again.

Anyone who bothers another person will definitely be kicked out!

After being sent off, there is no right to a refund of tickets that have already been paid for.


There will be a shuttle from Halle and one from Leipzig. You can purchase tickets in advance of the festival.


You can find tickets here.


There are water points with drinking water on the campsite. However, due to the infrastructure, the water points are in a central location, so we recommend that you take water canisters with you.