As we welcome you to the post-apocalyptic realms in the year 2237, we would like to let you know that we deal with sustainable supply concepts. Fortunately, after the apocalypse, some local organic farms have still been able to grow food that gives us nutrition and stamina.  

As the saga goes, three different tribes remained – each of them having their kitchen witches, chefs and elixir creators. We have an intentionally curated menu for each tribe for each day and the tribe members can join the communal cooking by bringing their ingredients to cooking stations at the required time. In addition to the community kitchen, food trucks will be there to feed you.

On the lands of synthesis, we all try to avoid any packaged food and do NOT accept drinks brought in glass bottles. We believe that food is medicine and are excited to share what we have curated for you.

Since we are aiming to produce as little waste as possible, we require you to bring your own cutlery, bowls, cups and water bottles.