Artwork Synthesis Festival

Dear Synthesis friends, we would like to inform you that for a number of reasons, Synthesis will not take place on the Airfield Allstedt this year, as originally planned. Instead and even better, we have the opportunity to create a floor on Bucht der Träumer* festival from 19 to 21 of August 2022. For those of you who would like to be with us, we are proposing that you can transform your synthesis ticket into a ticket for Bucht der Träumer* 2022. Or else, you can also keep your synthesis ticket for next year. We would love to still have you with us one or the other way! Hope to see you on Bucht!


your Synthesis Crew


Synthesis is a music festival accompanied by interactive role-playing elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world based on a saga according to which the three surviving tribes find each other again in the course of the story.


The journey of our story begins with an end and a beginning, with farewell and rebirth. Something new germinates from the seeds of the old, paving its way constantly and unstoppably into the light. As the murky veil falls from the world and the shadows of the wasteland dissolve, hope & love blossom in unprecedented beauty…

Together we kindle a blazing fire and announce the coming into being of this new world with resounding basses. Here it is our destiny to stand up for a better future, to rise up and renegotiate the laws of our community in a lavish celebration of friendship.

Welcome to the Synthesis Festival. Immerse yourself in an imaginatively designed narrative with us and become a part of the saga yourself.

About the Festival

Our lives are shaped by contact and encounters with others. The question of whether the Western culture has gradually individualized, fragmented, mutually and isolated itself in recent years, many of you should be able to answer with “yes” without thinking twice. In a society in which the “I” is placed on a higher level than the “we” and the individual seems to be more important than the collective, many overlook the true glue of our togetherness: the community.

This is where the Synthesis Festival comes in with a large role-playing game inspired by experiential education, which deals with communication and decentralized administrative structures. We believe that through the experience of art and music, play and mindfulness, togetherness and dance, our consciousness can connect on a deep communal level. As a cultural event, we want to create space to create an ideal world in which we interact and mediate sustainably, respectfully and peacefully.

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, we come together in different tribes, play quests, cook together, celebrate, dance and co-create the further history of the festival. Through friendship, trust, cohesion and curiosity, we will reach our goal together and pave the way for the new social order. Surrounded by driving music, we disappear into an immersive art world and live out our self-created characters. Synthesis Festival is an artistic approach to a creative collective. The quests are guided by the Synthesis Festival crew and in cooperation with theater educators.


The Chronicles of Synthesis resemble a dense jungle, in which layer upon layer, plants and creatures populate the ground. It tells the story of a post-apocalypse existence that swept over humanity and wiped out everything we knew. In Synthesis we find ourselves in a rebuilt world where there are alien creatures, fabulous beings, invisible energies, new physical laws and languages. A world in which we no longer just coexist, but flourish together in our diversity.

The Tribes

Three tribes will be played, each of which represents a niche in the new world order that has specialized over centuries ––– you decide who you are at the festival and which tribe you want to belong to:


They are characterized by an irrepressible will to survive. They are masters of engineering and of building machines and forts. High in science, humanoids are resilient, curious, and inventive.

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An initially quite loose and then ever-growing collection of beings of the underworld and followers of black magic, who, like a pack of wolves, roam through the dark, mist-covered forests, populate swamps and enchanted meadows, in short: settle where the aura of the Darkness is felt the most. They are neither malicious nor argumentative – and yet dangerous.

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Gathering in its ranks, fairies, high magicians and figures of light, elves and witches who use white magic to set up protective force fields around themselves and their settlements. They stand for the pure emotions, the pure spirit, the high scouts. Contrary to expectations, they are found not hidden in the depths of the forest, but in the mountains, in the open spaces and under the skies, in lush meadows and glades, living their existence of wisdom and goodness beneath their energy domes.

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Disclaimer: Synthesis is an aware festival that distances itself from any cultural appropriation. All tribes are mere fantasy, the saga is a fictitious story. As much as we would like our guests to dress up, we want to make clear that there’s a fine line between cultural appreciation and appropriation. Make sure that your costumes respect this boundary and let your creativity flow!